Social Emotional Challenges

Welcome to the Gamut School

Located in New York City, the Gamut School provides a rigorous education for students with emotional challenges.

A therapeutic approach to academic excellence

To set our students up for success, the Gamut School runs the gamut of evidence-based therapeutic and academic interventions.

The Gamut School’s unique dual curriculum of social-emotional education combined with rigorous academics celebrates, supports, and educates the whole child. We start at the 5th grade; we don’t wait for students with emotional challenges to fail.

Why DBT is important

“Dialectical Behavioral Therapy was designed to incorporate both change and acceptance in the same therapy: a dialectic that is much needed in a middle school environment.”

Dani Eisman

Special Education Schools in New YorkDialectical Behavioral Therapy

Our Four Pillars

We offer four pillars to support our students’ growth throughout their educational journey.

the Gamut School

Therapeutic approach delivered in school (DBT)

the Gamut School

Rigorous academics
with support

the Gamut School


the Gamut School

Mastery Through Community Engagement

Gamut School’s Launch Plan

Summer 2024

Facility Acquisition

Fall 2024

Accepting Applications for 5th Grade Class

Summer 2025

Staff Training Begins

Fall 2025

The Gamut School Opens! (September)